Why Do I Need a Notary?

Why Do I Need a Notary?

Why Do I Need a Notary?

If you have ever had to have legal documents filled out and returned to a business or federal facility, you may have needed to use a notary. Many people have no idea what a notary is and how to find one. It is important that you become familiar with the notary process so that you can have access to assistance when you need it. Below is a short guide to what a notary is and what services they provided.

What is a Notary?

An individual who is known as a Notary Public has been appointed by the state government to serve the public as a witness for fraud-deterrent acts in relation to the signage or important document. Signing a document and having it notarized is known as a notarization or notarial act. Notaries must follow written rules and have no personal discretion in the matter at hand.

The duty of a notary is to screen the signer of an important document. This can include such documents as property deeds, powers of attorney, wills, etc. The notary must identify the individuals’ true identity and their willingness to sign without intimidation or under duress as well as the individuals awareness of the contents of the document they are about to sign. In some instances, you may be put under oath by the notary before you sign a document, declaring that the information you are providing within the document is true as well as correct.

How to Find a Notary

If you are in need of notary services, you need to know how to find such individuals. In your local area it will vary. Contact banks, the UPS or go online to find out where notaries are to be found in your city. Notary in a Heartbeat is a great option for those located in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as we can come to you, providing quick and convenient notary service.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with our friendly agent, please contact us at (310) 845-6144.

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